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Maintenance CellAirOne®

  • 150 Euro
  • Grubenstraße


We know that CellAirOne is an indispensable tool in treating your patients and offering them relief. Therefore, we have introduced a new system for offering the necessary maintenance service and have your CellAirOne working on full capacity. We perform all services in house. To make sure you will stay the minimum possible time without a working device, we ship a fully functioning system with a maintenance certificate valid for 12 months at the same day you ship your system to us. Your original system is permanently replaced and we add a 6 months warranty to the replacement device, no matter what the age of your system is. Of course, if you wish your original system back, we commit to return it to you within one week. Please do not send the device without booking the maintenance online. Note that in case there is a fault in your device, there will be an additional cost of the workhour and parts. Inform us before and get a 20% discount on the repair cost!


  • Grubenstraße, Rostock, Germany


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