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(Verpackungseinheit á 10 Stück)  Hudson RCI Iso- Gard
Artikelnummer: 27 0014


Lieferzeit: 7 - 15 Tage

Bakterien- und Virenfilter 10 Stk.

15,50 €Preis
  • HLD | High Level Disinfection

    Frequency | between patients

    • Fill in a 2-3lt container with tap water. Soak the parts and stir slightly. Make sure all the parts are fully covered. Empty the container and dispose the water.
    • In a clean container pour the enzymatic solution, which should be at room temperature and soak the parts. Using a soft brush rub the parts, while they remain fully soaked for approximately 3 minutes. Transfer the parts to a container filled in with clean water and rinse them off carefully, while rubbing them with the soft brush for approximately 5 minutes. Repeat if there is any visible dirt.
    • In a third container pour the disinfection liquid and leave for 12 minutes. To rinse-off, transfer the parts into the 2-3lt container and fill in with clean water. Rinse-off stiring the parts and perform 3 rinse-off cycles.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
    • Wipe the parts with soft cloth without fluff and let dry in room temperature.

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