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Cellairone® delivers hypoxic air gas. Hypoxia influences the human body in several ways and causes changes that have an impact in the health. Therefore, the classification of the technology as medical is non-negotiable. Any IHHT therapy should be performed with a device carrying a medical CE. It is our commitment to always comply with all regulatory, quality, and legal requirement in EU.

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Cellairone® technology is housed in the TUR tower. Its compact construction and its classy design fits to most of therapy environments. The hypoxic gas generator is enclosed in a separate module, making the service of the system extremely simple. Furthermore, the module has a sound insulation that absorbs a big part of the sound frequencies generated by the compressor. 

1 - Home - Kopie.png
  • Windows® CE

  • Ergonomic design with quick
    access to submenus

  • Preset therapy protocols 

  • Change of the parameters on
    the click

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  • Monitoring of the treatment progress to ensure patient safety

  • Real time biofeedback HR & SpO2 

  • Saving of the treatment results

  • Preset therapy protocols 

  • Change of the parameters  on
    the click

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  • Warning and guidance messages

  • Remote troubleshooting and support

  • Settings menu for customizing of sounds, intensity etc

  • Video output for connection of second monitor 

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